A Brief History

The past shapes the present, setting the stage for the future that is to come. On Eberron, a rich and tangles history has helped craft the current age. It’s history is divided into ages, defined by the creatures that dominated the planet during those periods of time.

The Dawn of Time

At the beginning of time, called the Age of Dragons, three progenitor dragons fought. Proud Siberys was slain by dark Khyber, who in turn was bound by vibrant Eberron. The scattered remains of Siberys, the Dragon Above, became the ring that encircles the world. The body of Eberron, the Dragon Between, formed the seas and continents. Under the surface, the bones and blood of Khyber, the Dragon Below, created labyrinthine passages.

The Age of Demons

Khyber’s fiendish offspring overrun the surface world, creating a hellish environment where rakshasas and night hags rule supreme. Dragons rediscovered the Prophecy, rising from a primitive state to oppose their demonic overlords, allying with other draconic species. The couatls sacrifice themselves to bind the most powerful of the demon lords and the majority of fiends back to Khyber, where they are trapped for eternity.

The Age of Giants

The first mortal beings to form civilizations were the giants. They built great cities in Xen’drik, using their own strength, a legion of slaves, and powerful magic. Eventually, they ruled the world. After tens of thousands of years, the giant civilization collapsed or was destroyed.

The Age of Monsters

After the devastation of the giants’ fall, lesser races – including elves, eladrin, goblins, and orcs – began to develop and thrive. On Khorvaire, a great civilization of goblins arose, known as the Dhakaani Empire. The nomadic orcs also prospered, forgoing conventional civilization in favor of primal magic and stronger ties to the land.

The Current Age

Even though they don’t influence daily life on Khorvaire, the elves of Aerenal, the humans of Sarlona, and the various humanoid races and monstrous races of Xen’drik continue to pursue their own endeavors. Merchants, scholars, and warriors from these far-off continents visit the Five Nations from time to time.

The Rise of Khorvaire

For nearly a thousand years, the kingdom of Galifar maintained a steady hand on events in Khorvaire. Asside from a small war with the sea princes of Lhazaar, aggressions and energies were turned, for the most part, towards settling the wilderness in ever-widening circles around Scions Sound.

These years of the kingdom of Galifar are often referred to as the “golden age.” Culture, the arts, and magic flourished, cities were built, and an unprecedented prosperity was shared by all. Continual improvements in infrastructure – including the development and construction of the first lightning rail – revolutionized communications and boosted trade across the continent. The situation at home was so stable that energy was even turned toward developing interests overseas. Mostly notably, Stormreach was founded on the northern coast of Xen’drik.

The Last War

In 894 YK, the Last War erupted after the death of King Jarot, when his children, the rulers of the Five Nations, couldn’t agree on who should succeed him. Alliances rose and fell over the course of a hundred years, but at various points, each of the Five Nations turned against the others. The war finally ended after Cyre was consumed by a deadly mist and became the Mournland. The Mourning set in motion a peace process that culminated with the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold in 996 YK.

A Brief History

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