Dragonmarks are physical manifestations of the Draconic Prophecy. They have appeared on seven of Khorvaire’s common races. They are more intricate than a birthmark and more distinct than a tattoo. There are twelve families of dragonmarks. In addition to being a status symbol in Khorvaire the dragonmarks provide the bearer with magical talents.

Dragonmarks typically appear on only one or two races apiece. Those with the same marks pooled their talents in the past and created the Dragonmarked Houses, political and mercantile entities with common goals and values.

The Mouses, and their associated Marks, as as follows:

House Cannith

House Cannith boosts the greatest inventors and craftsmen in all of Khorvaire, blessed with the Mark of Making. A Cannith seal on any item insures its quality and reliability. During the Last War, House Cannith enjoyed greater prosperity than any other house due it the need for weapons and it’s greatest development, the warforged. Since the end of the Last War, House Cannith lost its homeland of Cyre and has been banned from creating anymore warforged under the Treaty of Thronehold. The house is currently in a schism due to the power vacuum left after the Day of Mourning.

House Deneith

When one has need of bodyguards and mercenaries, House Deneith supplies only the best. Possessing the Mark of Sentinel, the mark’s power grants its bearers unparalleled martial prowess. Since the end of the Last War, its has been in demand more than ever as nobles, merchants and others have found great need of their services.

House Ghallanda

Possessing the Mark of Hospitality, the halflings of House Ghallanda take their task very seriously. Within their inns and enclaves the offer sanctuary to any with the coin to afford it. During the Last War, many armies found need of their services by way of providing shelter and food for their soldiers. Since the war’s end, House Ghallanda has been expanding to the most remote areas of Khorvaire and beyond, claiming that the Draconic Prophecy demands it.

House Jorasco

House Jorasco’s halflings are the finest healers in the lands, having been given the Mark of Healing. The House’s services have always been in demand, whether healing soldiers during the Last War or providing hospitals to tend to the sick and dying.

House Kundarak

The banker of choice for the wealthy and powerful, the dwarves of House Kundarak have the Mark of Warding. Using its power they have created an impenetrable vault deep within the mountains of Mror Hold. The house is also unrivaled in its talent for creating strongholds and fortresses.

House Lyrandar

House Lyrandar are the masters of the sea and sky, its half-elves possessing the Mark of Storms. Using this mark’s power for everything from helping farmers get through droughts and to aid sailors and skycaptains in avoiding terrible storms and speed with elemental galleons. Thanks to its elemental airships, House Lyrandar is the most glamorous of the Dragonmarked Houses. The house is not without its enemies though, and House Orien believes its elemental airship transportation of passengers and goods as encroachment on its turf.

House Medani

The youngest and smallest of the Dragonmarked Houses. Possessing the Mark of Detection, its sentries, magic researches, advisers, inquisitives, and spy-catchers seem to be everywhere despite their relatively small numbers. The half-elves of House Medani are pride themselves on their circumspect nature and their powers of observation both mundane and magical.

House Orien

Members of House Orien carry the Mark of Passage, and they dominate the business of overland travel. From caravans to couriers, House Orien are the masters of the road. Their trade has little glamor, but is always in demand. Along with House Cannith, the two houses combined forces to create the ubiquitous lightning rail that has become a symbol of House Orien.

House Phiarlan

The elves of House Phairlan possess the Mark of Shadow, a gift that lends itself both to illusion and deception. It comes as no surprise that the house possesses both a public face and private face. To the general public, it is the house of entertainment and a source of actors, bards and artisans. Behind this guise though, those with the coin to afford their services will find House Phairlan revealed as an organization of spies with eyes in every shadow. A recent schism in the house split it, with some of its members leaving to join House Thuranni.

House Sivis

Bearers of the Mark of Scribing, the gnomes of House Sivis are masters of communication. The power of their mark allows House Sivis to notarize documents, such as Kundarak letters of credit, and their speaking stones allow for instant communication across Khorvaire. House Sivis possesses a reputation for absolute neutrality, a trait needed when tending to messages for criminals, kings, and spies. Though some wonder just how many secrets the house possesses in its vaults.

House Tharashk

The humans and half-orcs of House Tharashk have the Mark of Finding, a gift they use as prospectors, inquisitives, and bounty hunters. The house has made a fine business out of prospecting dragonshards that are in high demand by the more wealthy houses.

House Thuranni

Once part of House Phiarlan, the elves of House Thuranni are now the rivals of their own kin. The Thuranni also possess the Mark of Shadow, amd they have the same skills and powers as their brethren in House Phiarlan. However, House Thuranni is smaller than Phiarlan and has fewer resources. Given this discrepancy, the house was forced to focus on another avenue for profit: assassination.

House Vadalis

House Vidalis bears the Mark of Handling, which gives their members a bond to natural creatures. The most significant business of the house is breading and sale of animals. Through the use of the mark and primal magic, House Vidalis has developed the art of magebreeding – weaving magic into natural bloodlines, binding new strengths into mundane creatures. During the Last War, their magebreed horses were highly sought after by commanders on the battlefield.


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