Fable Journal 2

After we disposed of our recalcitrant informant, we continued on toward the Church. Both of us excelled at sneakiness – and while it’s certainly a skill of mine, I think we were both surprised when Lo-Kar pulled it off.

It was a Church of the Sovereign Host, but the strange part was that it looked unused. Everything was dusty and abandoned… except a trapdoor, under the 3rd pew from the back on the left. When we got it open, we found stairs carved into the living rock. I have to wonder which came first – the church, or the stairs?

So of course, we investigated. At the bottom, there were creatures of the deep carved into the walls. Angry, powerful looking creatures. It was not a good sign of things to come. We kept going down, finding some messy bedrooms, a number of books about demonology and creatures of the deep, and an abridged translation of the Demonomicon.

Continuing downwards, we started to encounter traps (easily disabled) and soon after, our first creature of the deep fight. Tough battle, nothing we couldn’t handle… until I got sucked in by some tentacles and pulled into the deep.

Fable Journal 2

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