Fable Journal 3

Don’t ask again – I never want to talk about what happened down there.

I managed to fight my way out of the tentacles’ grasp, but my game was completely off. Lo-Kar finally showed up on the underground beach to help me fight off the tentacles, with a newcomer, Daoine Sidhe, at his side. But the fight wasn’t over – next thing I knew we were fighting more tentacled beasts and an enormous creature that called itself the Voice of Dagon and kept spitting acid at us. I swear, I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from 3 feet away at first. None of my attacks were landing, and when a critical number of attacks did barely any damage, I just about gave up completely.

I had just about expended all of my abilities when I got my second wind. It took awhile, but we managed to fight off the minor demons, which in turn seemed to hurt the Voice of Dagon. (Daoine Sidhe was dancing around on the shore like some chicken-shit, but whatever.) Even after it almost dragged me and Lo-Kar into the deep, we managed to wound it pretty badly, enough to send it packing. (I daren’t hope we wounded it fatally – my luck was too bad that day for anything as positive as that!)

But after the fight is when I found the orb. It was pulsing a light, almost iridescent green. It was attached to an alter in the underground cave, but it came off easily enough. I’m not sure what drew me to it, but I shoved it in my pack and made my way out to the topside beach with my companions.

Tiersa paid me, as promised, but I’m still concerned that all of the villagers are missing. Not sure what to make of it, but I’m not prepared to stick around and find out. Time to head back to Sharn and make my report.

Fable Journal 3

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