Fable Journal 4

We walked back to Sharn – I wanted to spend as little time on the water as possible. Daoine Sidhe started talking about his past – apparently he’s some sort of ambassador to his people? Seems like a typical fairy to me. Shrug.

On our way back to Sharn, we stopped at a little town called Calla. It was much too late to catch a ride across the channel to Sharn, but there was an interesting inn nearby – the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. The patrons were even willing to serve something other than fish, thank god. But it wasn’t long before I noticed that we were attracting some attention – a disheveled pirate was staring at us, and looked mighty twitchy.

Well, I’ve never been one for people spying on me, so I hauled him over to the table and demanded he start talking – who was he, and what the hell did he want, and that people with one eye should be polite lest they offend someone with a dagger and lose the other one. Insistent little bugger tried to swear his innocence, all the while demanding to rifle through my belongings in public. He said he was Zachary, he was being called to by something in the bag, and that he just had to look through all my stuff. What a nerd.

I knew what he wanted, I’m not a complete idiot. But something felt off, and I sure as hell wasn’t about to trust a complete stranger. Maybe he’s from Ashenport, one of the town leaders trying to retrieve their ritual artifact? Definitely likely, he seems super shady. But there’s no getting away from that annoying persistence. If I didn’t show him, he’d likely break into my room in the middle of the night to steal it. Better to guage him now, when I’ve got 2 companions at my back to grant me the advantage.

Zachary‘s eyes looked like saucers when I finally pulled out the orb, but that wasn’t the weird part. I let him hold it, just for a second, and all of a sudden the orb seemed to pulse, everything was cold for a second and I could feel a pinch in the air. I looked around, but no one else said anything… and it happened again, when I took it back.

Zachary asked if he could study the orb. He wanted to know it’s origins, everything we could tell him. I tried to say no, scram, but he seemed pretty desperate. When his offer to buy the orb didn’t work, he begged me to let him tag along, so he could study while we traveled. I told him I’d think about it, but I’m pretty sure I’ll let him come along. Keep your enemies close, so you can take them out when they betray you.

Fable Journal 4

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