FableJournal 1

Previous reports are right – there is definitely something fishy going on. Not only is there an unnatural storm (it’s been going non-stop for 2 days), there’s a palpable and unpleasant feel to the air. I suspect something supernatural at work.

After my boat landed in Landfall, I made my way to the Smooth Sailing Inn. The proprietor is a lovely man – I will enjoy getting him in a dark corner to talk about his business practices. Anyway, there are some nobles staying here – a half elf named Tirsa who has a strange dragon mark and may be blind in one eye (6 guards – entire entourage wears gold leaf pins); and Matteas, a human noble who seems tense and paranoid (8 guards). Other inn-mates include a dwarf jeweler (dare i say pimp?) – Jandall – and his two female guards, and a very large… person… named Lo-Kar. Really, this is a big man. He’s also quite good at grappling.

Personal note: Relina the waitress – placed on the other list. You know, the don’t kill list. Of course, that is pending further knowledge of her involvement with the disappearances.

After eavesdropping on some inane conversation between the jeweler and the large man, I went up to bed… which is when it started to get weird. Normally, I wouldn’t be updating you on my dreams, but there’s something – shall we say supernatural? – going on here.

I don’t remember all the details, but there was this high pitched keening in the dream. When I awoke, I could still hear it. Stranger still, most of the guests of the inn were under a sort of hypnosis. They got out of bed, walked into the storm, and headed for the beach – to drown themselves. Those of us who were cognizant had to use physical attacks to bring the others around, and we still lost 6 or 7 people. Maybe more – there were a few people who came from the direction of the village, but I don’t know what happened to them.

That’s when I met Lo-Kar (the very large man). He’s crude, but he’s as interested as I am to know what’s going on. We asked the two nobles (each had lost a few of their guards, but neither of them had been affected) – Tirsa got here 9 days ago, and Matteas came on the boat with Jandall the jeweler. Tirsa has hired me to solve the mystery and to keep her people safe. (What’s a few extra coins for a job you were already doing?) Anyway, we are keeping a watch on the affected ones. In the meantime, we went to investigate the owner, but there wasn’t much of interest in his backroom apartments. The only thing of note was his absence – none of the inn employees showed up the next morning. And Lo-Kar, a dock worker, was told that no one was working at the docks.

So Lo-Kar and I went to investigate the town. The whole place looked abandoned, but I could tell that there were people inside the houses… almost as if they wanted passers by to think it was a dead town. We finally found someone – an old man named Lormos, who had lived here most of his life. He was definitely hiding, and trying to pretend that nothing had happened, or at least that he had no knowledge of any wrongdoing. After a bit of interrogation, though, he cracked – the killings have been going on for years! Most of his lifetime, in fact. The leaders of the town have been performing some ritual to protect the townspeople, sacrificing any strangers to whatever is oppressing them. This rotten storm is all part of the bit – it comes with the call of whatever is consuming the strangers.

So we were on our way to the local church to have a talk with these town leaders when we were jumped by some crazy men with swords and a few nutters in the back, chanting. It didn’t take us long to beat the crap out of them, but when we did, our sole captive didn’t have much to tell…

FableJournal 1

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