Eberron hosts an abundance of diverse faiths and churches, ranging from benevolent to malevolent. However, even within the most righteous faiths corruption is a constant threat. These faiths are in a constant struggle for the hearts and minds of Khorvaire.

The Sovereign Host

The Sovereign Host is a pantheon of nine dieties: Arawai, Aureon, Balinor, Boldrei, Dol Arrah, Dol Dorn, Kol Korran, Ollandra, and Onatar. The overwhelming majority of Vassals – as worshippers of the Sovereign Host are known – revere the entire pantheon, not just one or two of its numbers.

Faith, Pantheon or Diety Alignment Areas of Influence
The Sovereign Host Good All the world, focused primarily on aspects of civilized life
Arawai Good Agriculture, fertility, the wilderness as natural resources
Aureon Unaligned Knowledge, law, arcane lore and magic
Balinor Unaligned Beasts, the hunt, the cycle of life
Boldrel Good Community, home, hearth
Dol Arrah Lawful Good Light, honor, selflessness, military strategy, war
Dol Dorn Unaligned Courage, duty, physical prowess, soldiers and warriors, war
Kol Korran Unalighed Wealth, trade, commerce
Olladra Good Fortune, luck, success
Onatar Unaligned Forges, crafts, industry, fire

The Dark Six

The savagery to the Sovereign Hosts civility, the gloom to their brightness. Once part of the same pantheon until the Schism cast them, they are the primitive, the bloody, and the cruel. The pantheon of the Dark Six includes six dieties: the Devourer, the Fury, the Keeper, the Mockery, the Shadow, and the Traveler.

Faith, Pantheon or Diety Alignment Areas of Influence
The Dark Six Evil All the world, especially the primal wilderness and nature’s destructive forces
The Devourer Chaotic evil Storms, glood, famine, other aspects of nature’s wrath
The Fury Chaotic evil Wrath, passion, vengeance
The Keeper Evil Gluttony, greed, necromancy
The Mockery Evil Violence, betrayal, dishonorable victory, love of carnage, war
The Shadow Chaotic Evil Ambition, dark magic, corruption
The Traveler Unaligned Change, cunning, innovation, deception

The Church of the Silver Flame

The Church of the Silver Flame is dedicated to protecting the world from evil. Its members include militant clergy and members of knightly orders devoted to waging physical and spiritual war against evil and monstrous threats. A relatively young religion, the Church of the Silver Flame has found staunched support across Khorvaire, but no where is its support stronger than in the nation of Thrane.

Faith, Pantheon or Diety Alignment Areas of Influence
The Silver Flame Lawful good Protection, generosity, destruction of evil and the unnatural

The Blood of Vol

One of the most peculiar of Eberron’s faith, the Blood of Vol worships no god or higher power, but the divinity that lies within all mortal beings. It seeks to overcome death and reveres those who have already done so through ascension to the ranks of the undead.

Faith, Pantheon or Diety Alignment Areas of Influence
The Blood of Vol Unaligned or Evil Divine power of the blood, immortality, undeath

Cults of the Dragon Below

The Cults of the Dragon Below are a spreading cancer eating away at society’s flesh. Some call them Khyber cultists, or worshippers of the Dragon Below, but even those basic descriptions are flawed. They are worshippers of insanity, lunatics who devote themselves not to Khyber proper, but to the horrors, the demons, and the aberrant nightmares imprisoned within.

Faith, Pantheon or Diety Alignment Areas of Influence
Cults of the Dragon Below Chaotic Evil Madness, destruction, abberrant creatures, darkness
The Path of Light

Followers of the Path of Light – a misunderstood and often presecuted sect – worship no dieties. Lightspeakers, the followers of the Path of Light, worship a world to come, a reality that does not yet exist.

Faith, Pantheon or Diety Alignment Areas of Influence
The Path of Light Lawful Good Light, progress, self-improvement, freedom

Elven Religion

The elves of Khorvaire practice a variety of religions. In Aerenal and Valenar, ancient customs of life and death, of heritage and immortality, hold sway. Aerenal and Valenar elves revere their ancestors, but seek to preserve their heroes by differing means. Two major sects reflect this distinction in elven religion – the Undying Court and the Spirits of the Past.

Faith, Pantheon or Diety Alignment Areas of Influence
Elf Religion Unaligned The elf people and society
– The Undying Court Unaligned Immortality, elven society, history
– The Spirits of the Past Unaligned Glory, elven history and heroes


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