Zachary Journal 1

The afternoon of the 21st of Lharvion 998YK
This morning I arrived in Calla, a small port town on the western bank of the Dagger River. After weeks alone on the road it is wonderful to once again be around people! Tomorrow I depart for Sharn, perhaps the mages there will know more of my condition. Until then I will rest and relax in the tavern, enjoying the company of the locals.

The evening of the 21st of Lharvion 998YK
It would seem that even the smallest of towns have their secrets. This evening I ran into a group of adventurers in The Shrine of the Silver Monkey. One of them, a self-labeled ‘Shadar-Kai’, possessed a gem that called to me from across the tavern. This sickeningly green pearl is about a fist in size, but it seems to harbor some strange power. I do not know what this gem is, or why it calls to me. Deen, the groups Eladrin, told me that it was recovered from a town that was under siege from masses of writing tentacles. Perhaps the answers to my affliction are lie within this gem. I have asked the adventurers for some time to study the gem, offering them knowledge of the gem as compensation for sharing it with me. Fable, the ‘Shadar-Kai’ and current holder of the gem wanted to take the night to think about my proposal.

The afternoon of the 22nd of Lharvion 998YK
Fable has reluctantly agreed to my deal. She seems quite protective of this gem, despite knowing nothing about it. It’s as if she believes I want to steal her most precious treasure.
I had some time to examine the gem this morning, and again on the boat ride to Sharn. There appears to be an aura around the gem, and a warmth, both of which respond to my touch. My affliction flairs up when the gem is near as well. Does the gem not call to me, but to my curse? Unfortunately, Fable will only let me spend short periods of time with the gem. The adventuring party speaks of a creature named the Voice of Dagon, is it he who has placed this curse on me? I will need more time with the stone to understand this relationship.

The evening of the 22nd of Lharvion 998YK
Deen was kind enough to show me to one of Sharn’s many libraries. It seems that Dagon is one of the great lords of the abyss, lord of different sea deamons. This is confusing, as the academy told me that mys affliction was aberrant in nature. Why then would Dagon’s gem call to me? And why is Fable so protective of this gem? More seems to be going on here than normal. Perhaps the instructors were wrong about my curse? Hopefully more time with the gem will prove fruitful. Fable made mention of some contact of hers who may know more of the gem, perhaps she would have more answers about my afflication – still, I need to be careful who I talk to about this.
At least this evening ended on a high note, as Deen and I took in the evening showing on “The Littlest Halfing.” No matter how bad life gets, the theater always seems to make it better. Fable may be cold and paranoid, but Deen seems like a nice enough fellow.

Zachary Journal 1

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