Zachary Journal 2

The 23rd of Lharvion 998YK

Today was rather eventful. This morning Fable informed us we would all be meeting with one of her contacts later in the evening. With no other plans for the day we all wandered around Sharn, until we discovered that today was the Race of the Four Winds. The race is apparently an annual occurrence throughout the city. Waves of citizens lined the streets to catch a glimpse of their favorite rider.

With no other plans for the afternoon we all stayed and watched the race. A local by the name of Jack, and his son, Jake, were strong supporters of the Griffon, so I decided to throw my support behind the Griffon as well. Ultimately the Pegasus won, but the Griffon still had a strong showing. After the race Jack invited us all to his home for lunch, overall it was a fun and exhilarating afternoon.

As the evening came we made our way to the Temple of Aureon, where we met with Fable’s contact, Fatima, a priestess of Knowledge. Fatima seemed to know much of the gem, she refers to it as a Tear of Aureon. Apparently there are several of these Tears, ancient artifacts that hold a trace Aureon’s power. However, the one Fable holds has been corrupted by the madness of Xoriat. Perhaps this is why I found the Tear calling to me, its connection to Xoriat must be interacting with my own corruption. I have no idea how this is occurring, but perhaps it is best if I minimize contact with the gem. It should also be noted that some demonic influence could be sensed in the Tear as well.

Fatima has told us of another scholar, who currently located in a small town near Arcanix. She has requested that we seek out this scholar, as he may know how to cleanse the corruption from the Tear. However, it seems that Arcanix professor Ian Belegost will be arriving at the library in a week to give a guest lecture on Xoriat. While I am reluctant to interact with any of Arcanix’s old faculty there is a chance that Professor Ian Belegost will not recognize me. Besides, even if he does, his curiosity may provide me with some further insight into this aberrant corruption. We have all agreed to delay leaving Sharn until after this lecture.

For now, I will continue to research with Fatima, perhaps there are other secrets within the library that may help me understand my condition, and my connection to this Tear.

Zachary Journal 2

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