Zachary Journal 3

The 24th of Lharvion 998YK
This morning I woke up early to speak with Fatima about my condition. This may have been a poor decision, but she seems trustworthy and knowledgeable. She is the also the only lead I have at the moment. During our discussion she was as understanding as I could expect, and while she knows little of the specifics of my condition she does suspect it to be hereditary. – It seems that the top branches of my family tree may actually be tentacles!

Unfortunately, Fatima knows of no cure for this curse. Additionally, all of the texts I can find provide no hope. Instead they tell stories of how normal men and women with this curse slowly morphed into oozing masses of feral tentacles. I only wonder how long I have before this occurs to me…

For now my only hope seems to lie with Fable and Deen. These two seem dedicated to cleansing the corruption from Aureon’s Tear. I do not know why they seek this path, but if they do find a cure I may be able use it to remove the corruption from my body as well.

Still, I do not know if such a cure is even possible. Deen has turned up some old tomes recommending prayer and holy water. While these rituals seem to be of minor power, they may be able to half the progression of my condition. Or they may not. I really have no idea, but it cannot hurt to try. This afternoon I will spend in the temple distract, getting whatever blessings I can.

Zachary Journal 3

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