Zachary Journal 4

The 25th to the ??? of Lharvion 998YK
The smell of ale wafts from the slightly stained pages. The words have clearly been hastily written.

The Gods be damned! That deceitful, dishonest, narrow-minded Eladrin assaulted me in Aureon’s temple. Somehow he and Fable learned of my corruption, and they reacted with the same hatred and intolerance that I am beginning to grow accustomed to. However, unlike the stuck-up old professors at Arcanix who were bound by rules and regulations, these impulsive fools openly assaulted me! In a temple! While we were meeting with a priestess! As far as I am concerned that demented little elf can drift right back to the Feywild, hopefully never to return. There’s no place for his kind in the civilized world.

As for Fable, that wretched beast of a woman needs to learn when to shut her mouth. Immediately after Deen’s assault she began defending that Ass. Apparently his actions were justified, and Fatima and I should be chastised for not shouting to the world that I have a tentacle growing on my side! Oh yes, I’m sure the citizens of Sharn, much less the zealots of the Silver Flame would LOVE to know that. Those two are some of the most arrogant, impulsive jackassess I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

I have spent the better part of a week with these fools, offering them insight into this Tear of Aureon in exchange for nothing except conversation, and they have only treated me with enmity and suspicion. Has the war destroyed every last bit of civility and trust in this world!? I admit that our first meeting was shaky. Hells I could not explain the connection to myself and the Tear, but other than this initial meeting I have given this no reason to be distrustful. Whatever. I shouldn’t concern myself with the inane delusions of these two. These fools will probably be so busy watching for the dagger that they believe I will stick in their back that they will walk into the blades of their true enemies. And I will not mourn them.

At least Lo-kar seems to understand that we all have our secrets, and that those secrets will not kill him in the middle of the night. Ironically it is not normally the Goliath that is the sensible one, but in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is indeed the king. Sadly the king spends most his days drunk, but since he has been travelling with these two buffoons I can certainly understand why. Tonight I drink until I once again can forget the memories of Arcanix, and its intolerance.

Perhaps it is some sick design of the Traveler that makes me realize that, as much as I despite these idiots, they are still my best chance for understanding and reversing the corruption inside of me. This tear of Aureon was corrupted by a supposedly powerful aberrant creature, and I doubt I alone have the strength to cleanse this corruption Still, I worry if these fools are more of a liability then a benefit. My only other option at the moment is to travel to the Shadow Marches and attempt to contact “The Gatekeepers”, but with nothing more than a name and some vague rumors I fear that plan is a fool’s errand.

For now, I will follow this group to learn more about the corruption within the tear of Aureon. I get the impression that none of us will particularly enjoy this, but damn it I do not care. Fatima told all of us about how to cleanse this gem, and I have more invested in this cleansing than any of the others! Hells, I do not even know why they seek to protect this tear, what DO they have invested in this cure? Certainly they are not children of Aureon, or they would not have assaulted me in His temple! As far as I know Fatima has promised them no monetary reward, so they must have some other form of motivation.

Aside from all of the hatred and deception there is one large bit that bothers me from this whole turn of events. How did Deen know where, exactly, the tentacle was? His arm grabbed for the exact spot of my robes. Perhaps he has ties to the Arcanix faculty, or perhaps he has been spying on me. Either way, for a group of adventurers so interested in full disclosure this group seems to have more than their fair share of secrets. They have learned my stake in this Tear, and I think it is only fair that, minimally, I learn theirs. Tomorrow I will give Fable one more chance for reason and conversation, before I resort to more underhanded tactics.

Zachary Journal 4

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